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ROCS (Rapid Open Control Solutions)
One of the biggest issues facing operators in todays industry is fallout from Moores Law. Specifically the rate of change of technology has proved disasterous to the long term support of many ROV systems.

A standard workclass ROV will have a life expectancy of between 10 and 15 years. Mechanically, this is not a major problem but most designs over 5 years old are aready suffering from obselesence when it comes to electronics. There are ways round this and companies like ROV network are using a technique dignified with the name  COTS or Commercial off the shelf solutions. This is not a cure all philosophy but used carefully gives clients the best bang for their buck.

In general, ROV network tends to use off the shelf components in their designs. In studies of the major computer bus systems used in industry, we found that the expected life of most designs such as STD bus and VME were unrealistically short. The only long term solutions available were PC104 and PCMCIA (although Compact PCI does come close, issues with the edge connectors rule it out for many applications.) PCMCIA is a bit too new for comfort and we suspect it may well come into it's own for remote I/O over the next few years but right now the size of the edge connects makes it a bit too fragile which is a shame as hot plugging comes as standard. So right now. PC104 is our system of choice for larger controllers. The hardware is reliable, low cost and will still be available in 10 years time. There are very few systems that you can say that about.

So why don't we build our own ? Well, we do but once again as many companies have found to their cost, components become obsolete, engineers move companies, requirements change and custom electronics particularily in one-off systems can be a major headache. ROV Network's philosophy is to develop in-house, only when the equivilent is not available on the open market. By using commercial products we are buying into a large userbase with significant reliability history attached.

ROCS is a PC104 based control solution. It is extremely compact, utterly rugged and one off systems can be developed in a few weeks rather than the months it would normally take.

The following systems make up our standard line.

SCS01 Low cost compact touch screen interface

SCS02 Medium system networked with touch screen or laptop graphical user interface

SCS03 Large scale multi option system using low level control with SCADA

In between each of these standard units sits any combination of I/O and user interface from simple switches and relays through to multi client multi node systems with 10's of thousands of I/O.